Friday, April 18, 2014

A Short Review of Dusk and Summer by the Masterful Joseph A. Pinto

In Dusk and Summer, Joseph Pinto has written the story of a son's life-altering journey. With mastered prose, the raw emotion inspired by the loss of his father bleeds through into every line of the story. Dusk and Summer is a story of love and honor that stirs deep emotions for anyone who has lost a loved one.

Well done, Mr. Pinto, and I applaud your efforts to raise money for The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research in hopes of one day defeating this horrible disease.

Get your copy HERE!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My new release, TREED, is LIVE on Amazon!!

Woohoo! Finally finished a tasty treat for the horror fans out there. This story was a blast to write, and I want to say thanks to some kick ass authors who have been there when I needed a little creative inspiration, or a slap in the face ;-)

Joe Hart
Griffin Hayes
Dylan J. Morgan
Nick Stephenson

It's been great getting to know these guys over the last year or two, and if you're looking for a good horror or thriller read, you'd be wise to look them up.

Back to Treed. Here's a blurb for the story:

A trip into the woods leads to the discovery of a macabre family tradition and the horrors that have been hidden there for generations.

**Treed is a fast-paced, short horror story of approximately 11,000 words. As a HORROR story, it contains violence, gore, and some pretty foul language.**

I've added the first few paragraphs below. Of course, if you could find the time, I'd love a review when you are finished. Those always make my day!

I never knew if I had it in me to kill a man, but then again, I’d never tried.
As I sat pondering this, he stood on tiptoes trying to stop the pressure of his own weight from cinching the noose tighter around his neck. His eyes bulged, the left dilated to the point that no white remained around the iris, a result of the blow he'd taken on that side. The bat had come around in a wide and powerful arc, landing flush on his temple and sending him ass first to the floor. He'd regret having met me, and wish he’d never agreed to kill my family.
The big bad killer wasn't so brave after all, not as confident as he was while he tortured and murdered those women. I could have pulled the rope tighter until he stopped thrashing, denying his body the oxygen it starved for, but that would’ve been too easy. I rather enjoyed bringing him to the edge of death before allowing his feet to touch the floor, giving him brief hope that he may live. Gulping the air, he begged but his voice sounded as though he’d swallowed glass. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because I would still kill him. I pulled down on the rope again, lifting his feet just off the floor while he whirled his arms and legs like a spoiled child.
The crotch of his jeans darkened. “There you go, I wondered how long that would take. How humiliating. I bet when you left your house this morning, you never thought you’d spend the rest of your day swinging from a rope covered in piss and snot.”
I let the rope go slack for a moment, before continuing. “What kind of man would I be, Jack? What would people think if they knew I saw what you'd done and just let you get away with it? No judge in his right mind would convict me. I mean, look at what you’ve done to them. Well, at least what I’ll tell them you’ve done.”
I stood up, heaved his feet off the ground once again, and moved to where my once vivacious wife now lay in a mangled mess on the basement floor.
“She was beautiful, Jack.” I crouched down and cupped her face where her jaw had once hung. Only strands of mutilated tissue remained, hanging like gory tentacles, her eyes swollen and empty. “And my poor son. Innocent Jacob didn’t deserve what you did to him.”
I made sure to keep tension on the rope and made my way next to my son’s glistening remains in the opposite corner.
“Jacob, you were like the daughter I never had.”
I slid my finger along the jagged slit in his throat before bringing the crimson fluid to the tip of my tongue. “I always had my doubts about you. The way you spoke, the ridiculous Goth clothes you wore, your weird friends, not to mention you couldn’t catch a ball for shit. How could you be my son?”


Well, there's an introduction to TREED. Click on any of the links or you can get it HERE on Amazon. Now, go get TREED!! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Short Review for The River is Dark by Joe Hart

The River is Dark...Indeed it is.

Joe Hart pens yet another winner in my eyes. With his usual well developed characters and fast pacing, Joe Hart delivers a thriller of the truest sense. With plenty of plot to go along with the gorey details, the pages turned themselves in large chunks, and I moved through the novel in just a few sittings.

 In Liam Dempsey, Hart has created a character that I could feel as well as see. If you're a fan of a little gore with your thrillers, The River is Dark won't let you down.

Get it HERE on Amazon

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review of Flesh, the Latest Novel From Dylan J. Morgan

My Short Review of Flesh by Dylan J. Morgan

Having become a fan of Morgan from his previous work, I was excited for his latest release, Flesh. Morgan starts with a scene that sets the tone for the much hoped for descriptive prose I've come to expect from him. 

With well fleshed out characters, no pun intended, the novel speeds along at a well managed pace and I consumed the entire thing in a few large chunks. A well tied up ending completed another horror novel of the truest form.

If you're looking for a horror novel with plenty of gore as well as plot, give Flesh a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Get it HERE on Amazon

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review of Jack and Jill by Kealan Patrick Burke

Jack and Jill by Kealan Patrick Burke: 5-Stars

Kealan Patrick Burke has penned a fantastically descriptive novella with Jack and Jill. Though the circumstances behind the dreams are horrific, the way in which Burke drags us through the nightmares of Gillian are superb. As a fan of horror, especially nightmare scenes, I found myself reading several passages over and over.

Burke ties things up at the end like a master and I realized the significance of one particular line in the story.

Don't miss this novella from Kealan Patrick Burke.

Get it HERE on Amazon.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Flashes of Horror #6: Charlie

I hope you enjoy this piece in my Halloween Flashes of Horror!


"Charlie! Come on Charlie!" Peyton called from the back porch.

Winter bit at her nose as she waited for Charlie to bound from the woods as usual. He nudged her hand in the middle of the night when he couldn't hold it any longer, he just had to go out.


Shivering, Peyton heard the grass crunching and stepped back, waiting for Charlie to appear. After a minute, he stepped through the doorway, his head hung in shame.

"What's the matter, Charlie?" Peyton said, rubbing his back with a towel to warm him up.

Charlie turned and looked over his shoulder, drool spilling from the corner of his mouth. Peyton grabbed the flashlight and pointed the beam onto the patio.

"Oh, Charlie. Not again."

On the back porch, a naked woman lay in a bloody heap next to the pool. Steam rose from her still warm flesh while blood formed an eerie silhouette on the slab.

"Come on," Peyton said, grabbing her older brother by the deformed hand. "I'll get you back to bed, then I'll wake up Pa. We'll bury this one with the others."


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Flashes of Horror #5: Dad's Home

Dad's Home

"Dad! You're home!" Elijah ran into my arms.

I held him tight before turning and securing the door. He had to grow up so fast. Once the sickness hit, it was only a matter of weeks before everything collapsed. Elijah lost his mother and sister at the same time, watching them turn into things in a matter of minutes. He does his best to hide his feelings, like any teenage boy, but it has to do bad things to a kid's mind to see his father put a bullet in both his mother and sister's heads.

I followed him into the dining room and dropped the sack of supplies on the floor. Elijah opened the cabinet, grabbed a couple glasses, and began filling them with water from the tank. 

"What'd you get? Anything good this time?" He said with youthful exuberance.

My head pounded and hands trembled. "Nope, nothing good," I replied, rubbing the fresh bite mark on my forearm.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Flashes of Horror #4: In the Name of Beauty

In the Name of Beauty

Elizabeth soaked in the tepid concoction, her skin seemingly tighter, younger by the moment. With cupped hands, she rinsed her face, washing away the years. Oh, how she anticipated the month of October, the change of seasons, the renewal of her youth.

Her witches had prepared the mixture perfectly this year. They promised to make it better each year, they did not disappoint. Elizabeth relaxed with a goblet of cider at her side. The bath continued to fill as the witches milked each drop from overhead, fat drops accumulating around the aged Countess' youthful body.

With a dismissing wave of her hand, the witches descended from the rafters and left the Countess in silence. Elizabeth rested her head back on the tub, shutting her eyes, reveling in the euphoria of the moment. Upon opening her eyes, she somehow found peace in the fear stricken, marbled gaze of the dead peasant girls hanging from the rafters, their supple throats slit from ear to ear and their wrists opened with long, vertical incisions.

"An exceptionally exquisite selection of girls this year," she said before sipping another taste of warm cider, swirling her hand in the coagulating blood of the poor virgins.


This story was inspired when I came across a story about Countess Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess, of Hungary. For a truly creepy read, do a little research on the woman who for years kidnapped, tortured, and murdered perhaps hundreds of young girls for the purpose of using their blood to improve her own beauty. A truly horrific woman, doing the unthinkable In the Name of Beauty.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Flashes of Horror #3: One Bullet Left

Jake's family lay quietly in the corner of the room, piled in a heap like unfolded laundry. The house hadn't been this quiet in years. The .45 in his trembling hand felt heavier than the guilt he knew he would carry for the rest of his life. No matter.

'You can't undo what's been done,' he thought.

With only one bullet left, his choice was clear. Raising the .45 in his right hand and a nearly empty bottle of Jack Daniels in his left, he winced and swallowed the last gulp until the burning subsided in his throat. Click.


The gun fell to the floor, closely followed by the empty bottle which shattered when it struck the tile floor.

Jake stumbled his way out of the room, his bare feet crunching in the shards of glass. "I never liked that dog."


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween Flashes of Horror #2: Dinner is Served

The fight was bad this time, worse than usual. When it was all said and done, I decided I'd make dinner tonight, I figured it was the least I could do. Sherri sat at the kitchen table while I prepared the meal, tears still tracing the wrinkles in her aging face.

I seasoned the meat as it sizzled and spattered in the pan. "I wish we didn't have to do this. I'm sorry it got out of hand. You know I love you, right?"

No response.

"That's okay, I totally understand if you don't want to talk about it." I said while setting utensils on the table.

After a few minutes, I loaded up a plate and sat down across from Sherri. I cut the meat into two halves and offered for her to choose her portion. She just shook her head, refusing either.

"So stubborn. That's why I love you," I said pointing the steak knife at her. "That's okay, more for me."

Moving around the table to my seat, I sat, sliced off a generous hunk, and took the first bite. I almost felt guilty for eating it in front of her.

Silent, she sobbed in the chair while I ate portion after gluttonous portion, a swig of Budweiser chasing each piece.

"It's a bit chewier than I would've thought," I said before forcing another salty chunk of her tongue down my gullet.


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